5 Benefits of Sticking with a Morning Routine

Create a Morning Routine You Can Stick To

For several months — okay, maybe more than several — I wanted to start a specific morning routine. 

I am someone who always wants to learn and take in as much information as I can (sometimes to a downfall). As a result, I constantly take in nutrition, business, and life education through audio books, podcasts, books, etc. And among the highly successful individuals who share this information, they all preach the importance of routine.

Routines for sticking with menu planning. Routines for sticking to exercise. Routines for meditation. Routines for the workday. You name it. 

I address the idea of routine like a broken record to my clients. But when it came to a morning routine for myself, it was only a thought in my head always put on the back burner to implement “soon”. 

Morning Routines | Wholesome LLC

I never once denied the importance of a morning routine, but I had several excuses holding me back . . . 

  • My husband wouldn’t like if my morning routine demanded an earlier bedtime for me.

  • I’m a busy mom of a toddler and entrepreneur. I should use every minute of sleep I can get.

  • If I wake up earlier than I do now, I’ll never have the energy to last the entire day.

After finally implementing my own version of a morning routine, I now know these excuses were just stories I was making up, believing, and weren’t true at all. 

After just a few short weeks of implementing and sticking with my morning routine, I’ve experienced several benefits. 

5 Benefits I Quickly Experienced After Sticking with a Morning Routine

  1. Higher Energy

I’ve always been the person who could fall asleep anywhere, anytime since college. And as a result, I’ve always sought to find ways to experience more energy — naturally and without stimulants like caffeine (okay, without too much caffeine). 

At first, the idea of purposely setting my alarm 2-hours before my toddler even woke up sounded insane. But trust me when I say, I now have more energy after implementing my routine. And with combining both the plant-based diet and my simple routine — I have new found energy to run a business, run a household, and be present with my family! 

2. Improved Productivity

I think some people use the phrase “work/life balance” literally — as if you can have a true balance of both. I think it is more of a juggling act since you can really only have one thing in your hand at a time, with all of the others in motion around you. The ball in your hand is constantly changing. 

I struggle with that. I want all the important things in my life to have the attention they need all the time. But the truth is, that just doesn’t happen and isn’t realistic. 

However, since implementing my morning routine, I’ve found an increase in productivity in many aspects of my life — exercise/movement, caring for the home, work tasks, and how I hang out with my family. 

When my productivity increases — I’m a much better juggler! 

Alison's Morning Routine | Wholesome LLC

3. Better Relationship with Family 

Prior to implementing my routine, I didn’t think I had a poor relationship with my family. But it wasn’t a fun feeling when my daughter said, “Mama, no phone. Mama, no computer.” My daughter was recognizing I wasn’t present with her. 

🤦🏻‍♀️ Not cool, Mama. 

But because of both my improved energy and productivity — I haven’t attempted work while “playing” with my daughter at the same time. And although my husband may enjoy watching a second episode of “Suits” together in the evening instead me going to bed — I know he prefers me to be awake and present with them instead. 

4. Improved Mental & Physical Health

We’ve shared a bit about mental health on the blog before. And we believe know mental health plays a huge role in our overall health. 

I didn’t deny that a morning routine would improve my mental health, but if you know the struggles of mental health, you know if can feel like a hole you can’t get out of. But now, I feel more in control, less anxious, and more joy. Who doesn’t want that?

Exercise in Morning Routines | Wholesome LLC

Additionally, as part of my morning routine, I include a 30-minute walk around my neighborhood. I’ve always loved the morning time in terms of the quiet, “I’m tackling the day before everyone else is even up” kind of feeling. I put in my ear buds and listen to a podcast or audio book. I get my mind and body going before my family is even awake. 

Plus, who doesn’t love the feeling of 5,000+ steps recorded on their fitness tracker before 7am?!

5. Confidence. 

I have big goals for Wholesome. I started Wholesome back in 2015 to create a community and spread the knowledge of the power of nutrition and healthy lifestyle for chronic disease. In the past several weeks, I’ve haven’t just taken steps towards those goals, but leaps. And those leaps have given me the confidence to continue to pursue those goals — even when others have told me my goals were insane. 

Now, it’s possible you could be thinking to yourself, “How could a silly morning routine do all of this?” If I’m being honest, it doesn’t really matter to me whether you believe it or not. Well, because those morning are mine and no one else’s. 

Whether you are skeptical or not, why not give it a try? You just never know what it will do for you and your family! 

Do you have a morning routine? What benefits have you experiences as a result? Leave us a comment below! 👇🏻