Pregnancy Nutrition

If you landed upon this blog post, saw the title and are still reading you more than likely are pregnant or are hoping to start a family in the near future. When my husband and I first started trying to start a family, I started to dive into researching more about nutrition and exercise during pregnancy even more. Although I previously had some experience with nutrition for pregnancy prior to my own pregnancy, it was the first time I would be experiencing it first hand. 

In today's world it seems as though more and more women and couples are having difficulty getting pregnant. Either that, or when experiencing the difficulty ourselves I quickly became aware of the unfortunate struggle so many couples go through. I do plan on sharing our story of infertility here on the blog as some point, but I first wanted share with you some of the AMAZING work a couple incredible ladies I know have been doing for mamas-to-be. 

Krystal (left) and Amy (right), co-founders of Expecting & Empowered. Photo Credit @expectivngandempowered

Krystal (left) and Amy (right), co-founders of Expecting & Empowered. Photo Credit @expectivngandempowered

As a dietitian I was more than confidant in my abilities to eat a healthy, balance diet during pregnancy. On the other hand, on of the first people I told I was pregnant was my trainer as I asked him, "What do you know about exercise during pregnancy?" This is actually how I told him, out of the blue, I was pregnant. I was lucky enough to have a trainer who had a great depth of knowledge when it came to exercise during pregnancy, but many women don't have the resources (other than the internet) to know how exercise might change during pregnancy--let alone know exercise is more than appropriate during pregnancy and even recommended!

I teamed up with Amy and Krystal over at Expecting & Empowered to share a guest blog post for mamas-to-be to understand the basics surrounding pregnancy nutrition. With Expecting & Empowered you cannot only read my guest post, but explore their blog regarding some of the most common questions or issues related to exercise during pregnancy AND get a guide of workouts for the ENTIRE pregnancy. I know whenever the right time for baby #2 comes along, I'll most certainly be using E&E's guide. 

Looking forward to bring you more evidence-based nutrition and other topics regarding growing families right here at Wholesome.