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Scholarship Information

Thank you for your interest in our course, Freedom from Cancer: Your Plant-Based Journey! 🌱

We are incredibly passionate about using nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to prevent and manage cancer. So passionate that we spent a year creating this course just for you! 

By taking this step, we know you are incredibly serious about getting your nutrition on track and will do whatever it takes to fight and/or prevent cancer. We also know that medical bills are already high and that price point could be tough.

Therefore, in memory of some pretty incredible people we hold near and dear to our hearts, we created:

  • The Bumpa & Yia-Yia Memorial Scholarship

  • The Ronald Stremlau Memorial Scholarship 

The Bumpa & Yia-Yia Memorial Scholarship

Bumpa, or toddler speak for Grandpa, is our maternal grandfather. We have fond memories of Bumpa stopping over at the house several days a week in the summer, almost every weekend, and his advice always given with a pointed finger 👉🏻. 

Bumpa became sick in late 2009 and eventually passed from liver cancer in July 2010. We sincerely miss Bumpa and will never forget all the life advice he passed on this us -- and his love for the game of baseball and golf. 

Yia-Yia, or Greek for Grandmother, is our maternal grandmother. Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to meet Yia-Yia as she passed from lung cancer in 1987, the year before we were born. Although we don’t have personal memories, we feel her presence in our life. We certainly wonder how our life would have been different had we been able to meet our yia-yia, but we know that someday we’ll meet and feel her full embrace. 

Bumpa & Yia-Yia’s Wedding on OCtober 21st, 1956 ❤️

Bumpa & Yia-Yia’s Wedding on OCtober 21st, 1956 ❤️

The Ronald Stremlau Memorial Scholarship

I (Alison) met Ron in 2014 and I remember that very first time. It was following his first radiation therapy appointment at the cancer center. Ron told me a couple years later that his thoughts during that first encounter were something like, “How is this young girl going to help me through this?” He shared this with me after Ron and I built a relationship that went beyond patient and dietitian -- it felt more like family. 

Ron was diagnosed with stage IV tonsil cancer and was given a prognosis of only a few months. He was determined to beat that prognosis and cancer itself -- and I committed to helping him do that. Ron, feed exclusively through a feeding tube, focused on the power of cancer fighting foods and a healthy lifestyle to allow himself to live the life he wanted. And he did just that for 4.5 years beyond his diagnosis. Although Ron passes peacefully after a long hard fought battle, his memory and fight will always be with me.  

Scholarship Details

To Apply: 

  • Fill out our brief application using this link

  • Application deadline is Friday, October 18th at 11:55 p.m. CST. Applications submitted beyond this date and time will not be considered. 

  • Winners (2) will be announced no later than Sunday, October 20th and contacted via email or phone number.

  • If you are chosen for a scholarship, by accepting, you agree to the terms and conditions for the course, which you can find here.

Please know these scholarships are for those who are in financial need. We ask that you apply only if you truly fall into this category. 

Scholarships will be awarded based on individuals who demonstrate a financial need and a commitment to complete the course in its entirety, with the intention of incorporating the recommendations to the best of their ability.

Please Note: The doors to our course will close on Wednesday, October 23rd at 11:55 pm CST. Therefore, if you are not accepted for a scholarship, you will still have time to purchase the course. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at