what clients are saying about Wholesome

Endometriosis & Mental Health | I Got my life back!

My experience working with [Alison] has been wonderful. I was loaded with chronic health issues and overwhelmed with all the changes I knew I had to make. Hiring [Alison] was one of the best  I have done for my health, both mental and physical. 

Living with endometriosis for 40 years and the side effects of the treatment just wore me out and I was in pain every day. The side effects of the treatment left me with new health issues which [Alison] helped me sort through. [Alison] gave me tools that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. 

I now have more energy and my mental health has improved greatly. I feel like I can better manage my health issues going forward and this has relieved my anxiety greatly. [Alison] listened patiently and was a wonderful coach and cheerleader for me at a time when there was nothing more traditional medicine could do for me. Being a Master Gardener and teaching people how to garden, I thought I knew a lot about eating healthy but [Alison] taught me how to do more for my body and it has worked beautifully. 

I feel so much better, which has given me back a quality of life that lets me work and play. The best part for me is that my family is a lot happier because they have their mom and wife back.  

Thank you Alison!!

Laurine Byrne, Client

Gut Health & Mental Health | It all relates

It has been my great good fortune to work for the past several months with Alison Tierney and Wholesome LLC. My initial visit with Alison was the result of a referral from my internist who knew I was a vegetarian and suggested that Alison's plant-based dietary background would be a good fit for me. I had been experiencing some GI issues, and these were what led me to seek the help of a registered dietitian.

After our first meeting, Alison recommended that I try eliminating any dairy from my diet, and within just a few days, I felt substantially better. She also provided me with help and support in suggesting a meal plan that would be tasty and nutritious without the dairy. Her website too has provided me with a wide variety of vegan options.

I then signed up for her monthly service and was able to consult with her via weekly emails and once-a-month face-to-face meetings in order to fine tune the changes I had been making since we first met. Her replies to my emails were always prompt, supportive, and filled with suggestions to help me move forward in my dietary journey.

In addition to all of these wonderful benefits, perhaps the most amazing for me was the information Alison provided me on the relationship between the gut-brain axis and the close connection between the gut and the brain in supporting optimal mental health. For decades I have suffered from a General Anxiety Disorder and OCD. Alison prescribed a protocol to enhance the gut's microbiome, and, in turn, reduce my anxiety and OCD. This protocol has been a life-saver for me and significantly reduced the symptoms I had endured for so long.

I plan to make Alison an important part of my health care team and meet with her on a regular basis in order to further enhance my physical and mental wellness.

Linda O'Connor, Client

breast Cancer Survivor | Focusing on the whole person

Alison is my dietitian that I am working with, to help prevent cancer from recurring.  

Nutrition plays a huge part in that goal & that’s why I sought out someone who can teach me wellness and healthy habits, to last a lifetime. She not only works with me on nutrition, but really approaches wellness as a whole.

I was nervous to meet with a dietitian, as my goal was never to become a full vegetarian and I wasn’t sure how a plant-based approach to nutrition would work for me and my family. I was willing to make changes and leave the world a little better than I found it, but I was not sure what that would all entail. So, I hesitantly made that appointment, hoping for someone who can help me. I’ve never regretted making that initial call.

She put me at ease on my very first visit with ‘there’s no judgment here’…and she wasn’t kidding. She’s intuitive, honest, factual, personable and always willing to go the extra mile. She has so many good ways to help me reach my goal and feel well on a daily basis.  

I depend on Alison to teach me wellness for myself and my family and she is always supportive of those efforts. 

Alison’s education and knowledge surpasses anyone else I have worked with. She is so helpful and her fact-based expertise is just what I needed to better my health and my family’s life.

I highly recommend Alison and I thank her for all she is doing for my family and myself. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else, to become the best me.

Sarah Teska, Client