About Alison

I am an outpatient oncology dietitian working with patients during cancer treatments to ensure adequate nutrition and symptom relief. I also work with patients who have completed treatment and are seeking weight loss, healthy lifestyle changes, and/or risk reduction of recurrence.

In 2015, I created Wholesome LLC to provide individual counseling, classes and seminars to promote a wholesome diet. By focusing on a wholesome diet, together we can help manage and prevent chronic diseases.

Alison's Credentials

  • MS - Master of Science - Nutrition & Fitness Concentration
  • RD - Registered Dietitian
  • CD - Certified Dietitian, State of Wisconsin
  • CSO - Certified Specialist in Oncology

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Navigating the nutrition world and what’s “healthy” isn’t easy. Nutrition should be simple. Let’s work together to simplify nutrition using wholesome foods and ingredients. 

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